Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chugging Along

Well, its been almost a week since my last post, so time to write a new one I guess. During the past week I have logged a decent amount of hands and have continued on my hot streak in 2010. Been playing mostly 100 and 200NL 6max the past few days, but have mixed in a very short 5/10 FR session and a bunch of HU sessions too. Ive noticed that the tables at PokerStars this year have been really good. I don't know if its the new stellar rewards that they have or perhaps the fish all of xmas money to blow through still, but I have been very happy with the tables so far this year. In fact, I have not played much at Full Tilt at all so far this year. Stars software is a lot better imo, and I will be making ~43% rakeback this year hopefully at Stars. Im currently on solid pace for the 300k milestone, already accumulating 15k VPPs this year. My goal for this year was to make $120k including rakeback and bonuses and so far I am far ahead of pace on that.

I ended up buying a really sweet watch a few days ago that I really like. Its a TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 6 with a white face and a silver band. It was a bit pricey, but I decided that since I have been doing so well lately I would treat myself to something nice. The thought of purchasing it was actually what motivated me to get in as much hands as I did this week.

Unfortunately, I have not started my workout regimen yet as I am still a completely lazy bum and lack motivation to do just about anything lately, but will be calling up the gym on Monday and getting my membership. My buddy who is going to train me has also been tied up this past week, so hopefully he will be free this week.

Other than that, my life is boring and I have not much else to report. Thanks for reading and gl at the tables.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back in Bizness!

Whatsup guys? I decided to reinstate my poker blog for 2010 and hope to be updating once a week or so. Ive decided to start setting some goals for myself to keep myself from being a bum for the whole year and posting on the blog will hopefully keep me focused on accomplishing my goals. I know a lot of you are probably saying to yourselves "Wait, I thought bw loved being a lazy sack of shit, waking up at noon every day, playing a few hands of poker, eating all sorts of unhealthy food, and generally being an extremely unproductive human being." Well that is true for the most part, but I have decided its time to make a change. First thing I did was decide to update my room with a new desk, new chair, and a wall mount for my tv. I included some pics for all to see.

Yea, pretty baller, i know.

Next, one of my friends just got certified as a personal trainer, so Im gonna help him out a little by giving him some business as I've been meaning to get into better shape for awhile and he will help me to stay motivated. Hopefully I can start working out 4 times a week again like I used to in college and just become a more healthy individual again. Planning on eating a lot better too.

As for poker, its been going great this year so far. On a nice little heater of sorts even though technically I am like $2k below EV. Obviously Im not complaining though. Ive run good in other spots. Ive mostly been playing 100 and 200NL 6max and HU, but recently I started fooling around playing 200, 400, and 600NL FR with some pretty decent results so far. I kinda of like the change of pace that FR gives me and it allows me to grind hands and VPPs which I cant really do playing HU. Anyways, here it is. Be jealous.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mental Block

I'm making this post to kind of clear my head and get all my thoughts written down. I need to move forward from this terrible stretch I'm in and I need to do something about it. I can't just sit back and keep saying "My luck will change, I'm playing great blah blah blah" when the truth is, I'm playing horrible poker, tilting literally every session and I need to do something different. I've attached my year graph below and you'll notice I run real good for the first ~170k hands or so and then break even for the next 220k hands. Sure, over that 220k hand stretch I am almost 50 BIs below EV, been coolered left and right, and been running into the top of peoples ranges, but theres just no way that a 220k hand breakeven stretch can just be normal variance. I've admitted that I have been tilting hard lately and that has always been my biggest problem.

I need to do something different and figure out wtf is going wrong. I need to stick to one game type. I really need to choose to play 6max or FR and quit switching back and forth every damn session or every time that I run bad at one game. Anyways, hopefully i can put this breakeven stretch behind me and start winning again soon.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

College Graduate

Woooooo!! After 4 years at college I finally graduated yesterday. It feels so wierd that the whole experience is over and it really hasn't set in at all yet. I can't believe I will never be making the trip back to school to go to my dorm. Its really a bittersweet moment. Its sad that I won't be seeing a lot of my friends every day like I have been for the past 4 years, but its great to be done with classes and to have my degree. I now have a B.S. in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Economics. The rest of my life is totally up in the air right now and tbh, I have absolutely no clue what I am going to do. I'm not worried in the least though, I know things will work out no matter what I end up choosing to do.

First things first, I'm taking a month and a half vacation to florida with my girlfriend and I have a bunch of friends coming to visit at different times throughout the month and a half. I'm really planning on just relaxing during this time, and although I know I will play some poker, I really don't want to play a ton. I want to enjoy my time off. My parents have a really nice condo in florida that they rent out and they are giving me a nice discount on it for the next month and a half. Its only 10 minutes from the beach and I know it will be an absolute blast. I leave on May 14th and will be down there until the end of July. Who knows where/what I will do after that. I'll just figure it out when the day comes I guess. I don't like to plan things out really far in advance and I like to just live my life on a day to day basis.

Poker has not been good this month at all. I've been running terrible, playing worse (tilting TERRIBLE), and I'm really just disgusted with the game right now. I really haven't enjoyed playing in a few weeks now and I haven't played much the past 5 days or so. I think the vacation will do great things for my mind and allow me to clear my head for a couple months. I'm still planning on playing for a living, but this recent ~150k breakeven stretch has really taken a toll on me. A lot of the stretch I have been running extremely terrible, but I know that a lot of it is due to terrible play and tilt too. The hardest thing about playing poker is keeping a cool head. I don't know what it is about it, but once a few beats/coolers pile up for stacks, something just snaps in my head. I know it happens to a lot of others too and if I could get over it I know I could be great.

Anyways, its mothers day so I should probably spend some time with my mom. I probably won't post until I get to florida, but look for an update next week sometime.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Its Been Awhile

Wow its been a good long while since I posted on this blog. I've been super busy with school and trying to play as many hands as possible lately that I kind of forgot about this thing (Thats not entirely true, I've thought about posting many a times and ended up just saying fuck it). I've been running extremely bad lately and its causing me to tilt and spew off stacks like no other. I know I can't complain as I've run good all year up until the last 60k hands or so but it still is frustrating nonetheless. Even more frustrating is that a lot of my losses could have been avoided if i had just kept my calm and not tilted.

Im currently in my last week of classes and will have finals next week. Less than 2 weeks til I am done and graduated from college. I will have a B.S. in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Economics and I plan on playing poker for a living (atleast for a little while). Kind of interesting that I will have this nice expensive education and won't really be doing anything with it. Atleast I have my degree to fall back on if online poker dries up or I just get sick of it though.

Since my last post I bought a new car. A 2009 Honda Civic Si. I had never driven a manual transmission til I got this thing and now, after learning how to drive it I absolute love it. Can't imagine going back to an automatic. I attached some pictures of it below. I've been zooming around in that thing quite a bit the last month or so.

Anyways, I attached my profits for the year also down below just to show how I've been doing. I have an extra $1000 profit that I won on my laptop that I didn't import into my desktop HEM. So far theres absolutely nothing i can complain about with the year so far. Hopefully will be making ~$80-100k this year. I will be updating this thing much more frequently so check back soon for updates.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


As a lot of people who I talk to frequently know, tilt is by far my worst enemy at the poker table and the biggest problem I have when it comes to poker. My tilt over the last month and a half or so has just gotten to be absolutely out of control. I think I've probably lost close to $3000 from spewy, tilt-induced plays over the last couple months. I'm really baffled because I thought that I was really close to getting it under control in late November. I'm not sure if I was just running better at that point in time, making me believe that my tilt problem had gone away or if it was the switch back to playing mostly 6max that caused it. Anyways, whatever the reason is, I've decided to switch back to FR for awhile since the last time I was playing exclusively FR my tilt was almost non-existent. After losing $1000 at 200NL 6max yesterday, I won it all back playing 100-400NL FR. Normally when I play FR I table select between 100 and 200NL tables and play ~20 tables. Yesterday, however, I noticed that there were some huge fish sitting at some 400NL tables and decided to play a little bit. I was absolutely shocked at how bad the competition was. I'm not sure if it was just because it was a Saturday night, but if that is the typical play at 400NL, I'm quite positive I could beat it for a pretty good win rate. Problem is there aren't that many tables that form, so I would have to mix in 200NL too. My BR is not quite as large as I would like it to be playing 400NL, so for the rest of the month I play on grinding out 100 and 200NL FR and building my roll so that hopefully sometime in the next couple months I can switch to playing 200 and 400.

Anyways, despite the constant tilting I have been going through this month, I haven't actually done too badly. I'm up $1666 and have accumulated ~30k FPPs which is equal to $450 in rakeback.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Long Overdue Update

Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated in so long, but December was an extremely busy month for me. In the beginning of the month I had finals and end of the semester papers/presentations to prepare and for the last 2 weeks of the month I was on vacation in Florida. And all at the same time I managed to accumulate 25k VPPs during December to achieve Supernova. Hopefully I will be able to update more frequently in the coming months.

Alright, I'll just start by talking about my results in 2008. I had a very very good year. I deposited $50 in March and turned it into $26,000 of profit by the end of the year including bonuses. It was a pretty sick run and am really glad I decided to deposit that $50 what seems like ages ago. I feel like my game has improved so much over the course of the year and feel confident enough to beat FR/6max/and HU up to 200NL (Ok, well I haven't really played any 200NL HU but it cant be that hard right?). The one thing that I haven't conquered yet is controlling my anger and tilt and not caring about the money. I really thought I had made great strides in my tilt control lately but last month was an absolute disaster. I'm not sure if it was me playing so many hands trying to get SN, or my move to mostly 6max, but I tilted like no other and it cost me a lot of profit i think. I've decided to quit HU play b/c that tilts me like no other. I am going to get a copy of Tommy Angelo's Elements of Poker and hopefully that will help me. I posted my year graph at the end of the post if u wish to see it.

So now that it is officially 2009 I guess I will talk about some of my poker goals for the year. I am planning on playing full time for a living after I graduate in May and would prefer to be at least playing 400NL at that time. I am planning on playing 100NL 6max for the rest of January while playing the 200NL tables when they look juicy. February is where I plan to totally transition to 200NL and stay there. I'm currently more than Bankrolled for 200NL so that's not really a problem and I don't think its that much harder to beat than 200NL, I just have to get used to the limit and not outlevel myself. I also plan to get some more coaching over the next couple months to really prepare myself for 200NL and beyond. I'm planning on playing ~80k hands a month while in school and 120k hands a month once I graduate.

Here's the graph for 2008. GL to everyone in 2009.