Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chugging Along

Well, its been almost a week since my last post, so time to write a new one I guess. During the past week I have logged a decent amount of hands and have continued on my hot streak in 2010. Been playing mostly 100 and 200NL 6max the past few days, but have mixed in a very short 5/10 FR session and a bunch of HU sessions too. Ive noticed that the tables at PokerStars this year have been really good. I don't know if its the new stellar rewards that they have or perhaps the fish all of xmas money to blow through still, but I have been very happy with the tables so far this year. In fact, I have not played much at Full Tilt at all so far this year. Stars software is a lot better imo, and I will be making ~43% rakeback this year hopefully at Stars. Im currently on solid pace for the 300k milestone, already accumulating 15k VPPs this year. My goal for this year was to make $120k including rakeback and bonuses and so far I am far ahead of pace on that.

I ended up buying a really sweet watch a few days ago that I really like. Its a TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 6 with a white face and a silver band. It was a bit pricey, but I decided that since I have been doing so well lately I would treat myself to something nice. The thought of purchasing it was actually what motivated me to get in as much hands as I did this week.

Unfortunately, I have not started my workout regimen yet as I am still a completely lazy bum and lack motivation to do just about anything lately, but will be calling up the gym on Monday and getting my membership. My buddy who is going to train me has also been tied up this past week, so hopefully he will be free this week.

Other than that, my life is boring and I have not much else to report. Thanks for reading and gl at the tables.


Alexander said...

I was watching and old 25NL and wondered what you decided about the pocket 10 hand you folded. I hate those situations. Keep up the good work. GL at the tables.

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admin said...

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admin said...

120k? how likely is this and how much can you really make gambling online